Inflation Proofing the Estate Wedge

Language: English

Instructors: Philippe-Olivier Dumas and Glen Wyllie, Desjardins

Why this course?


Webinar: Inflation Proofing the Estate Wedge

Advisors looking for profound ways to expand their business and bring meaningful, value-add solutions to their clients should take a look at the “estate wedge” strategy.

In this webinar with Glen Wyllie, Regional Vice-President, Sales, Western Canada, Desjardins Investment Solutions, and Philippe-Olivier Dumas, Section Manager, Product Development, Guaranteed Investment Funds and Annuities, Desjardins Financial Security Life Assurance Company:

• we explore the purpose, features and benefits of helping your clients implement the 'estate wedge' strategy.
• how to reduce sequence of returns risk by mitigating volatility from 'estate wedge' assets
• how you can uniquely protect your client's 'estate wedge' assets from inflation
• Access to a suite of diversified investment options and portfolio managers
• how and why this estate planning strategy adds tremendous value to your toolbox, and has proven to be a referral magnet for your practice.

CE credit pending

Course Curriculum

Inflation Proofing the Estate Wedge (59:00)
Quiz - Inflation Proofing the Estate Wedge

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